Thursday, January 04, 2007

happy new year

hallo the great population of blog readers - a happy 2007 is about as likely as a happy 2006 but nevertheless, i wish the best can be for everyone. i am in ankara, technologically marooned with me old lady's analogous telephone system. so no posts for some time. unless i cut her connection with the world off, i can't get online so she has priority.

oh the matters old ladies yap about! i'd guess they would complain about their ailing health but it takes only about 20 percent of the conversation. the rest goes to how the country is sliding down the drain, what a curse tayyib is, how islamic radicalism is erdoing the country, how dubya is even worse than tayyib, whether he did well or ill by hanging saddam etc.

that's the difference of being "republican" - my mother is the first of my granddad's six children who was not born an ottoman subject.

wish my students were as old as mom and her cronies!

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