Thursday, January 04, 2007

hello the split&spilt nations

hope for a better world where peace, cooperation, friendly relations, diversity and all similar higher ideals can shed at least some light on the misdeeds of politicians? believe that a forum of nations is a medium where understanding can become at least a possibility?

my condolences, folks! another sand castle built on the silt of the east river has crumpled when the new south korean united nations secretary general ban ki moon declared saddam's execution an internal affair of iraq, doing an about face from the usual policy of scorning the death penalty.

his master's voice! after all, it is dubya, the global chief executioner of texas & u.s. footing the bill for the u.n., and moon had to say his thanks! the comments on saddam's hanging are only the beginning of supply-side politics in the u.n. where the voice of the poorer and the dissident will no more than drone as the chorus of power puts an ever larger claim on the legitimacy the forum affords.

another strike of cow herders' pragmatism from the neo-cons, appointing moon as the peasants' polonius! if you want to promote yourself, the more credible way is to find or hire a mouthpiece. well, even caesar needed marcus antonius. after kofi annan, moon the lackey will shine bright on anything his paymaster wants glossed.

he might even moon the world...

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