Wednesday, August 26, 2009

teflon obama?.. garfucius is coming back!..

hussein obama seems to be the democratic latter day version of a teflon president. it seems to me after two thirds of a year, he is less capable of doing things right than letting right things drop in the right spots by themselves.

still three and change years ahead but i wager he's gonna be re-elected only if the reps do a "kerry" on him; i.e., return the favor democrats did to dubya in '04 by nominating an obvious loser. republicans should come up with a bu-lin from somewhere, combining he best of bush & palin.

hussein makes a great media magnet but where world affairs are concerned, clinton's billy still looks like the real ringer... i mean hillary clinton's of course...

see, it's taking time but...

garfucius is coming back!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

yo! ho! and beware... garfucius is coming back!

garfucius is ready too shake the dust off the soles of his feet and return to the trek and the quest... to spread the virtues of outrageousness.

for instance... have you noticed how similar the political functions of imam ghazali and kung-fu-tzu (better known as confucius) have been?

soon on this blog!..