Wednesday, January 24, 2007

social æesthetics & islam... coming soon

a post will be coming later today on what i think the crowds at poor hrant's funeral meant. it is not grief, anger, hypocrisy etc., but a silent cry for help!

another on how we can't lay shame to rest...

right now, though, the pathetic inferiority complex of the media, purporting to be the voice of the public, gains precedence. in extracting a juicy drop of pride from the huge gathering behind someone's dead body, someone we have ostracized, persecuted, failed to protect and finally murdered; only to mourn en masse; can you not see a downright despicable attitude to garner respect from shame? is this not akin to social vulturing? how pathetic can pathetic get! sorry hrant, we did not know we loved you so till we destroyed you!

i think this kind of bankruptcy in relational æsthetics is a consequence of the absence of visual arts in islam, which then contaminates all æesthsia in life... but that's also a teaser for another post.

now, i have to go check what the carpenters are doing to sarpa. sarpa is my other love affair, together with pipican, my bike. she is a 20ft motor-boat. she is currently undergoing winter maintenance in the bodrum marina.

yes, i am on an escapade to bodrum, too.

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