Thursday, January 18, 2007

i repudiate tayyib bey

i am totally decided not to take receb tayyib erdoğan seriously any more, in any matter. no person in a responsible position would declare a gang of bandits in northern iraq more important than turkey's eu relations, just stop short of threatening america with war, and think of banishing his own citizens from free travel in their own country, or passing a fiat that subjects their property rights to the approval of officialdom within such a short span to be called almost simultaneous and hope to be taken seriously.

now i know that his ascension to the presidency is a necessary evil. it is the surest, safest, shortest, face saving method of getting him out of the way, so affairs may be run without interference. since the job in çankaya is politically irresponsible, tayyib bey may shoot his mouth off as he pleases. since the job also lacks any real authority, he can do no harm to speak of even if he speaks more fantastic nonsense.

since i totally decided not to take receb tayyib erdoğan seriously, in principle, i will refuse to comment about him either. however, since what i intend to write in the next post albeit tangentially, somehow touches tayyib bey's recent genius proposal to solve istanbul's traffic by limiting the licences granted to vehicles, i had to make this statement of repudiaton publicly.

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