Friday, January 05, 2007

$ 9 billion! missing?!

so, the global chief executioner (*) of texas & u.s. got saddam hanged, making another obvious move in a chess game he plays like bowling. it was obvious what the war in iraq would wrap into before he began it, but he did begin it. now saddam's death simply officially seals an ongoing civil war, which, as the reshuffle in cadres probably indicates, will roll more iraqis to the fire and into the coffins, without getting the americans out. as all civil wars, this one, too, can only end in temporary suppression of one faction or a division amongst all. apparently, the bush regime did not dare or afford to adopt a direct and outright policy of partitioning iraq, which threatens further division in the entire syro-phoenician geography and opted to bring about that result by pouring fuel on the fire by killing saddam, not that it does not suit dubya's temperament. indeed, the only way america can pull its hedad out of the mess at least as far up to its neck, is only if the partition of iraq is in effect, so that there will be fewer or at least cleearer causes to keep a fight going on. oh, the iraq mess has become a perfect industry by the way. u.s. media report that close to 10 billion dollars of taxpayers' money, appropriated to pay "contractors" -whomever they may be- cannot be accounted for, in addition to the immense sums already spent above the table. that figure does not include the mass revenues of illegal and illicit trade either. also, the body count that has crossed the 3000 mark is altered significantly if loss to american civilian or para/crypto military lives, mainly employees of such contractors, are added, too.


(*) the epithet "chief executioner" is borrowed from a source i cannot remember and cannot therefore attribute to. i think i came accross it in the village voice when dubya was busy lethally injecting texans only

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