Thursday, January 11, 2007

viva carlos, en via!

hurray for carlos sainz, the rally legend from spain - well, catalunia, actually. he is leading and winning stage after stage in the toughest of all motorsports, the lisboa - dakar. although he had retired from regular car races, he launched on a new career in in 2005-2006 racing for the vw dakar team last year. he performed well in the european stages but lost to luc alphand and the other mitsubishi drivers. in 2007, he is at the top of the charts for the moment.

this year he races again with vw and finished the 6th stage first thursday, in his touareg, navigating the dunes of mauritania. sainz said yesterday he was frightened of the dunes and worried his inexperience in sand racing might eat away at his hard earned points today.

the dakar still has a long way to go till january 21. i root for sainz, hope he comes out on top. in the motorcycle section ktm are racing among themselves with no competition to speak of. my favorit is spaniard marc coma.

dakar is great even to watch yet it is also cruel. it has become almost customary to bury at least one participant each year in the motorcyclists' category. on stage 4 this year, elmer symons a south african from the u.s. crashed and was killed. a similar fate found australian biker andy caldecott last year and the year before, motorcyclists juan manuel perez of spain and italy's fabrizio meoni. they died doing what they loved, their souls must be in heaven, however the vatican issued a message condemning the dakar rally

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