Saturday, January 20, 2007

sorry hrant, they've also shut you up!

don't be overwhelmed by the cow manure they're unloading on you - the polity quorum of the untouched untouchables, government members; politicians; bureaucrats; the so called security apparatus, police etc.; the media the wannabe élites whose idea of "change" is a shift at the helm in their favor... they'll al promise revenge, retribution, justice, fraternity of the people, human rights and all the usual dose of hypocritical abracadabra.

but sorry, hrant dink. not only have they killed you, they've also choked your voice.

do you reallly think that a government incapable of curbing an imminent attack on an obvious target like hrant can really find his assassins? do you really believe - supposing they can in the first place - the teenager nitwit, whom the papes called "traitor" suspected of the murder is the culprit?

only 60 thousand armenians left among 70 million - 70 million who cannot bear to hear their dwindling voice. and those brazen fartbags who stoop lower than their levels of existence in their attempt to switch the blame on armenians abroad for the murder...

how many more hrants do you think will dare rise and raise the flag? the voice of difference is now silenced for good. as it was in all previous decimations of good minds and souls.

sorry hrant, you should have left long ago. left just as raquel suggested, with your children by your side... to marseillles, anaheim, boston... anywhere where a voice is not a lethal risk.


Ali said...

leaving is not that easy sir, but having a "foolish" optimistic hope is to take the easy way out, without thinking the other possibilities--unfortunatelly...

Galip said...

sir / ma'am,what good did it serve hrant to take the "hard way" out? is getting killed less foolish than considering a more "optimistic" option? unless you look down a gun muzzle at least once, sir / ma'am, such decisions may get mmurky. me? i survived three lynch attempts before september 12.
god(s) save you the ordeal.
tx for the comment.