Monday, December 11, 2006

rot in a special hell!

augusto pinochet is dead. the world is a better place. sorry for hell!!!

he died and chile, too, now has to carry that blemish, the scarlet letter smeared on all those societies which have failed to bring to trial those who stole their freedoms, stripped them of their individuality, dignity, honor and decency; tortured them, tormented them, derided them, ridiculed them and ruled them much as a shepherd woul lead around a herd of sheep.

they were the ones who usurped the trust vested in them by the peoples of those societies, who empowered them with the guns they paid for with their taxes who made (or could not help make) the mistake of believing they were feeding their armies for their protection yet were shot, maimed and killed with the very guns, often purchased from the u.s., they had paid for.

an even larger, a deeper scarlet letter of shame shines on the lapel of the american establishment, for breeding, feeding and like shakespeare's dogs of war, letting loose the pinochets of this world.

there should be a special hell for pinochet and his ilk. a part not even dante would be willing to describe.

hail greece, therefore, once more... for having the courage to put to trial, convict and punish the wayward servants of society who usurped the power they were trusted with only to carry it, who stole the freedom of their brethren. an abject lesson for others who might try, unfortunately, not very well learnt everywhere. even in neighborly climes.

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