Thursday, December 28, 2006

kurds again

i mentioned democratic society party (dtp) leader ahmet türk's bid to mediate with the pkk in order to learn where they buried the landmines costing the lives of many turkish soldiers, yesterday.

türk, it requires to be noted, did not volunteer to help cleanse the turco-iraqi border of mines as a humanitarian act or because mines are a cruel, sinister, insidious and evil way to fight a war etc. he did not even talk of mines as weapons, he referred to them as "tools".

türk subjected the dtp's altruism to the condition that the turkish government accepts "a solution by non-violent methods" to the "kurdish problem". he pushed the offer forth as a gambit in a power bargain with the state, using young lives (both turkish and kurdish) as a stack of chips in a poker game. he practically gambled with human lives.

ahmet türk, the leader of the pro-kurdish dtp, in effect, blackmailed the whole society and the concerned community in the entire world - take the pkk to the table, he raised the ante; or more of your children will die!

this is the cesspit that politics in turkey has descended into.

had türk come forth in the name of the kurdish population in turkey, made a challenge to the pkk to reveal the so-called "map of mines", that could be a considered a goodwill gesture that might press the government to accept "a solution by non-violent methods". instead, he spoke as the mouthpiece of a belligerent organization, adopting the same sick mentality and jargon of blackmail, threatening to kill more people.

if this is the best representation they can get, i am sorry for the kurds. gambling with lives is even more despicable than taking them. in my book, the dtp is even more deplorable and viler than the pkk, at least unless and until others in the party up and denounce türk.

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