Saturday, December 02, 2006

apology to tayyib bey

i owe an apology to prime minister mr. receb tayyib erdoğan.

i speculated that due to his lacking language skills and ability of (mis)understanding and (mis)representing any communication as it fits him, the pope or the holy see might have to correct him on his rather happy declaration "the pope wants turkey to join the european union" as another expedient slip of the interpreter/interpretation/ ear/tongue.

i apologize. first to the readers of this blog, then to the pm.

and i thank the pope - i confess that after johannes paulus 2 passed away, my heart was with the cardinal of milan rather than the-then his eminence ratzinger. i'd still prefer the pope, the father of the catholic, to also be somewhat avuncular, however, i think in istanbul his holiness benedictus 16 did prove himself a man of the world as well as a man of god.

the pope related postings here will go on and i'll also tell you why o kyrios bartholomeos 1, the patriarch of the orthodox, is the subtlest, greatest, ablest politician in turkey. a man all but openly persecuted by the state of his own country, with only the dubious support of his own clerical high command and able, if that, to reach directly only 12 million of his 250 million strong orthodox following, he placed himself on an equal footing with the pope after this visit.

the pope is father to 1.5 billion catholics, and believe you me, at least some quarter of a billion protestants as well, who though they may reject him are still influenced and determined by him.
also, by my humble assessment, congratulations must be bestowed on pope benedictus 16 for showin g the ultimate courage of sanctifying the equation 1=20 in asymmetric demographics in the name of establishing the primacy of the cross, regardless of denomination. he was aware
the union of eastern and western churches will never come about in the near future but did not hesitate to put fanar on an identical footing with the vatican in the eyes of the world(*).

read all about it here...

(*) since the council of florence, the holy see honors the aggreement signed there that the eastern patriarchate is subordinate to the holy see. although accepted by the patriarch and the emperor, the orthodox clergy and laiety never put stock in it.

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