Friday, March 09, 2007

success is bovine waste

are you aware how the word and concept "success" has dominated our language and hence our thought templates with the invasion of every aspect of our lives by the corporate mentality "results count"? we used to say "good in bed", now even that is "a successful lay".

i am about to ban the word in my classes because it has become another roadblock before the alleys of thinking. it is an utter confusion of means and method with consequence. it is a false idea, a false representation.

"success" is not of itself. it is the end-result, an outcome, a consequence of a process or various processes totally dependent on other factors related and unrelated to the acting person. you are lucky, you succeed. you are well prepared, you succeed. you are well off, you succeed. you are well trained and educated, you succeed. you are in the right place at the right time, you succeed. you know the right people, you succeed. you work hard, you succeed. conditions favor you for a number of reasons, you succeed.

so, you succeed or don't only if other factors are in action. therefore, successful can hardly be an adjective. success can hardly define any quality, beyond a situation - it does not qualify.

let us talk correct if we are to think correct. if we talk bovine excreta, we may end up mooooeing like cows.

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