Thursday, March 01, 2007

hi, folks

it's weird but apparently blog writing, which is supposed to be something totally volitional and therefore spontaneous and capricious rather than consistent and routine, is also subject to "writer's block". in the last week or so, althougth i did desire to scribble a few words here, i could not bring myself up to do it.

nevertheless, i see that the mass of readers who gaze at these virtual pages have not abandoned me. in more than two months, i have curried almost 500 (480+ to be more exact) readers, averaging seven persons per day despite my truancies.

i never intended to make this a popular blog, rather a loose journal to log loose opinions to track the passage of days - a reference (maybe) to come back to in the future with the record. of course, that not just gives me the right to say "i told you so," it also enables others to point out to how my wisdom flopped.

so thank you folks, for your visits. i hope i'll soon pull up the energy and write outrageous entries that will to keep you interested.

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