Monday, March 12, 2007

cyprus and cypriots

speaking of cyprus, must have been 10 years or so... during a conference in vienna, we had this band of greek and turkish cypriots sitting in the same session and suddenly voices began to get too loud in the corridor at lunch break as they began arguing about the well known and well worn issues. i made a remark, more as fun than anything serious, and adamantia pollis, the dear lady from new school, new york grabbed me by the elbow and dragged me away. "addie" is barely half my size but the strength of her personality and presence reflects in her sinews and i docilely tagged along. in a safe corner she chided me "you crazy? in a minute they will begin speaking cypriot with each other, we'll understand nothing of what they're saying but will remain stranded here fighting over what matters to only them".

addie is one of the wisest, most clever and most intelligent ladies i've ever met. i guess she summarized the real cyprus problem as simply as it ever can be.

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