Friday, January 11, 2008

dubya the (sitting) duck

i'd be surprised if dubya and his crew were to do anything right after (especially) iraq but why in tarnation did he have to wait until he was a sitting duck before visiting palestine (and of course, israel)?

was it an overload of intelligence for the neo-cons to realize that all problems in the near east funnel through the israeli - arab conflict and until that is resolved, none of the issues washington claims to be attending - violence, al qaida (?), iraq ethnicities etc., even pakistan - are simply impossible to solve? it is not garfucius alone who holds that position, many students of world politics from noam chomsky to howard zinn have argued the point to anyone who reads or listens.

that is not because the israeli - arab conflict is the ultimate confrontation in the world but it is a battleground where all weapons and tactics are used by all parties to secure non-solution in this actual frontier of modernity with non-modernity.

if the israeli - arab issue is resolved, not only will iran (maybe i should say ahmadinajad-ism) and other forces of darkness will l0se a sublime cause for self-justification, the festered rules of desert despots all over arab states will have to shake camel dung from the hems of their jallabiya and strut toward civilization.

unless they are going to be crushed under the economic output of emerging nations like chindia, the comparably richer near east arabs have to get fast to a level where they can export more than oil and so called "terrorism".

why was dubya so late? was he hoping for a rift among palestinians? not likely; if he had such clairvoyance (or the means to induce such clairvoyance!), he could have seen the big picture, too.

maybe the near east is the fade out gate for presidents moving out of office.

if hillary wins, it may turn into a blast-in porte for the clintons, though... bill had almost made a watershed headway before he left. a final victory will instate him/them as the last royal couple in world politics... even if it may cause hillary a second term.

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