Thursday, January 24, 2008

the deserved misery of brokeback-wall-refugees

i have long developed the conviction that the israeli - palestine question is already long answered: it is another of those squirmishes nobody really wants solved.

the status quo allows at once the israeli to reasonably shake off their backs droves of poor arabs who occasionallly tend to think blowing themselves up along with abraham' s other grand- children will give them a straight ride to heaven.

those arabs, divided within, due to greed, greasy political designs, avarice and incompetence are now particularly happy; since one side has finally won the graces of america and the other has justified iran's meddling in the region.

the peoople who suffer? they either enjoy the suffering or they have other agendas: nobody could really suffer a sleazy succession of "rulers" who have accomplished nothing since 1967, except to make them suffer more. "there are hospitals for animals in israel", a brokeback-wall-refugee to egypt from gaza was complaining to a tv reporter tonight; "we have no such hospitals in gaza for humans. we just want what exists for animals in israel for people in gaza".

sad rhetoric, possibly even true, too... but alas, why did the now brokeback wall go up, separating rowdy palestinians from both tame palestinians and israeli?

if they need israel that much for survival (and tthey do!), why blow their children to dust? what happened to the defiant joy that rocked half palestine the day hamas won the elections?

pain, suffering and misery are the bane of palestinians in this crisis for 40 years, and of course, that is sad. yet, a sadder issue is that the palestinians, at least since yassir arafat tripped both bill clinton and ehud barak on a course toward some settlement, have always made the choices that have rendered their lives even more wretched.

many refugees who jumped the brookeback-wall in the last 48 hours, probably harbor hopes that they can anchor themselves to a haven in egypt - itself hardly at the upper limit of struggling economies. most, of course, will not. the bokeback-wall will rise again high and stiff enough to break the back of anyone daring to seek refuge on the other side. as will rise more despondency.

this is the kind of misery that won't end even if every gaza dweller ties a bomb around himself and blows himself to jihady death. a misery that willl only break more backs, but will allow a gloating ahmadinajad to rationalize his existence and a sitting duckya to find worth in his self and deeds.

no, not possible... can one speak of a deserved misery?

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