Sunday, August 12, 2007

state of thick headedness

practice what you preach?

according to turkish law, every person who rides a bike is supposed to wear appropriate head protection gear. from time to time, as almost every other law in turkey, that rule is put into effect by our esteemed police officers.

since the norm is not normally enforced, the normal thing to do in summer is not to wear a helmet (*).

so once or twice each summer, the police stop and ban from traffic thousands of riders, also booosting the state budget with the huge amount of fines they issue.

the next day, normal becomes normal again, the norm is shelved again, and the police can't give a damn whether you wear a scarf or the greener half of a water melon on your head while riding. till the next shake down...

you know who does part of the stopping, helmet-checking and writing tickets?

who else? the very motorcycle-mounted specialized traffic police of the state of the republic of turkey, of course.

the point is, those guys themselves do not and are not required to wear helmets or serious protective gear in summer either!

(*)although turks are angry when you suggest that so long as they do not need to protect it, their heads may be thicker than hot asphalt, they continue to assume high temperatures add extra resistance to their skull.

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