Sunday, August 12, 2007

public enemy on two wheels

i wrote a post in türkiş garfucius about turks smoking and talking on the phone at the same time, while riding a motorbike - naturally, this should go as a follow-up in turkish but i do feel a responsibility to warn the unwary world public against the extent of the threat my countrymen are capable of posing (as to turks who cannot read english, they'll either hear it from me or somebody else, guess it or be the very threat themselves - in any case, they are used to live with turks and their turkishnesses as they still find it necessary to pro(per?)secute those who supposedly insult "turkishness").

yesterday evening, long before any legitimate time for raki, i saw a man lighting a cigarette
while riding with his phone to his ear!.. i stopped to watch, expecting him to fall but probably because something happened with his cell phone only yards from a turn, he parked, fixed the wrong and started talking again. i rode away.

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