Monday, November 27, 2006

one word on turkey's long, narrow, winding and treacherous trek toward and away from the european union:

a very simple act, one required anyway by the aggreements ankara has signed, dictated by logis and a prerogative of democracy is enough to postpone the hairy issue of practically recognizing the internationally accepted government of cyprus: open the clerical school in halki (heybeliada), fully restore the holdings, titles, rights of the organizations and individuals legally recognized as minority turkish citizens in lausanne and declare that what remains of jews, armenians rums assyrians, chaldeans, nestorians, zaraostrians, atheists and agnostics are fully enfranchized citizens of the republic of turkey.

is that not, in the rhetoric of the last 35 years, what lay beneath the military intervention in cyprus, the discrimination turks were subjected to?

you do not like the pope? slip one over him, give bartholomeos 1 the power he needs.

after all he is a citizen of the republic of turkey!!! do not spare from one of yours what can empower you.

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