Tuesday, November 14, 2006

it's always sunny in... where?

hmmmm. this blogging is serious. it feels like yelling in the woods while trekking alone but knowing that not only the campers behind the bush can hear you but also the echoes can carry your voice and words yonder. yell all you like but try to find matters of interest to other people.

then let's talk weather. i follow it closely because being a mediterranean bum, i am deeply affected by rain, cold, sun, warmth - weather also sometimes decides whether i ride or drive to work. especially in istanbul's knotty traffic, that means peace of mind versus a test of patience which, to any bum, is in short supply. even on the motorbike, sometimes i feel fumes coming out of my ears.

never mind traffic now, it is weather i am hung up with: did you notice that even when during weekdays we get sunshine, weekends are usually wet, cold or plain crappy? we're either homebound or sopping wet by act of providence...

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