Wednesday, March 12, 2008

are cheneys of this world ever welcome?

the choice of dick cheney once again as vice president to yet another bush administration, was proof enough of dubya's intention to devour the world's resources relentlessly for unilateral benefits; and follow policies favoring nothing except increasing the economic wealth of selected american businesses -remember halliburton?-, with little regard for values that we assume that make man a respect-worthy creature.

dubya and cheney are representatives par excellence of the ugly american of the 50's and 60's; that greedy, avaricious, nefarious, grabbing, irreverent model of imperialism. they have blood on their hands from the financial profits that were reaped from the many wars they have championed, from viet nam to iraq, twice.

now, dick cheney, is going to step down u.s. air force 2, with his blood stained boots, on turkish soil. he is going to ask ankara to support his career-long-wet-dream, (any) military action against iran- from which, he must hope, companies like halliburton or bechtel that he symbolizes as a most hated specimen of a businessman-politician from the most hated ally, can reap extra kudos, as they do in iraq.

cheney will ask turkey for some blood acre, probably, because washington maintained a relative condoning silence while turkish forces operated in northern iraq.

these are men who, because they can manage a large company (*), think they can rule the world. they could, too... on the morning of the coup d'etat on september 12, 1980, the one that turned so bloody that nearly 70 persons were hanged in addition to hundreds shot, tortured and otherwise harassed, one official that later became a big shot in the dubya regime phoned washington and relayed the good news: "our boys did it..."

dick cheney & associates inc., have licked turkish blood off their fingers, too.

wonder if they realize that truly global companies, not imperialistic relics are more and more swarming the upper levels of fortune 100 lists.

(*) "manage" may be an euphemism... many of halliburton's deals have received criticism, if only for immensely lacking transparency.

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