Monday, June 25, 2007


i have been running away on weekends recently. once i visited edirne, another time i took a ferry from tekirdağ to the marmara island, elafonissos (deers' island) or prokonissos (amphora island), originally.

i will try to give some information about both but before that, allow me to make an observation that causes my skin to crawl: anywhere i go, including parts of istanbul, everything that is a) not created by god; b) built after 1950 or so; is absolutely an eyesore, a monument to absolute lack of taste, a bloody handed testimony to culturicide!

culturicide? just a couple days ago, an ancient harbor was reproted discovered during the construction of a tunnel for the subterranean train in yenikapı, with remains of byzantine boats and othre archaelogical artefacts. true to type, the finds will be collected and taken to the museum and the construction of the tunnel will continue as planned, apparently, over the ruins of the antique harbor.

all right, on a hot day, this much annoying news is enough, we all know we are living in the third and a half world.

let's get to the island now...

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